Sunday, November 24, 2019

From the evidence of Thucydide essays

From the evidence of Thucydide essays The Delian league formed after the Hellenic league decided to split up. When the league started it was essentially a voluntary alliance. However, over time, Athens disregarded the original constitution and totally changed her attitude toward her allies The Hellenic league, consisting of all Greece, had fought together against Persia, with Sparta as the leader. However, after victory against the Persians, the league split into two. The Peloponnesian league, with Sparta as leaders, and the Delian league, with Athens as leader or Hegaemon. This is an important point. From the outset Athens was regarded as the Hegaemon of the Delian league, although all states were to be considered equal. Athens was regarded as leader due to her huge fleet, which was unequaled in the Hellenic world. This safeguarded the league from a further Persian attack. The league started with three main aims in mind. To compensate the members of the leagues losses in war by ravaging the territories of Persia. To lib erate other Greek states, especially those in Ionia, and also to preserve their liberty. Many of the smaller states joined because of the protection they would receive from Athens. It was agreed that a counsel, named the Synod, would meet at Delos,(hence Delian - Sacred Island), to discuss the leagues issues. Each state in the league had a vote on any issue raised. Also the island of Delos served as a treasury for the league. This treasury was contributed to by all states in what was known as phoros which in Greek means to have a burden. Each state had the choice of contributing either money or ships to the league. As each state joined the league, they had to swear an oath of loyalty in perpetuity. This meant that they could never leave the league. The states agreed to this because they could not imagine a time when they would not need protection from Persia. This swearing, in perpetuity, involved a ceremony of droppi...

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