Monday, February 24, 2020

Can We Prove the Existence of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Can We Prove the Existence of God - Essay Example Someone properly planned our bodies and then did his best in order to realize this plan. This someone is God. I am Christian and believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. However, it is not the only reason why I am sure that everything on the Planet is created by God. I am not the only person who has this point of view. There are also numerous arguments that will prove the existence of God. For instance, cosmos is a magnificent result of someone’s thorough work. It is not just a theory; this point of view was proved by one of the medieval philosophers – Saint Thomas Aquinas. This philosopher gave birth to cosmological arguments that prove the existence of God. It turns out that people only need to look deeper at the world around them, especially at cosmos. This will help them to see themselves the arguments that prove the existence of God. Aquinas managed to prove that reason and faith are closely connected with each other. Thus, he suggested several arguments to prove that everything was created by God. All of them are based on one major idea. It is the one form contingency. Saint Thomas Aquinas applied this argument to demonstrate that everything in the world is dependent upon something. Nothing can exist separately. The world looks like some properly planned interdependent system of various elements that need each other. Moreover, the universe that is the major field of all those elements lacks some ultimate reality for its existence. This reality can be only God. There are three different variants of the above-mentioned argument (causality, motion, contingency), but the meaning is the same – the structure of the universe proves the existence of God. Another medieval thinker – Saint Anselm – suggested the ontological argument for God’s existence. It also proves the existence of God. The major thought given by the thinker concerning the above-mentioned argument is that in general the existence is not â€Å"necessary† but â€Å"contingent†. According to Saint Anselm’s point of view the whole universe is â€Å"contingent†; it is not necessary to exist. The only one who is necessary is God. Although, this point of view is highly debatable; it still is a good way to prove that God is an essential part of human life. He exists, He created people and He is necessary for normal life. From my perspective, this explanation included by Chaffee in his book is one of the best ways to explain that God exists (Chaffee, 335). There are three more arguments proving that God exists. They are the following ones: 1) the argument from design, 2) the first cause argument and 3) the moral argument. The first one is frequently called â€Å"the teleological argument†. The major point of this argument is based on the thought that universe is ordered. Everything in the universe is done so that the earth has life. If at least something was changed, there would be no life in the whole world. So, God kept in mind a proper order for the universe when he was creating people, planets and all other things that are around us. The first cause argument is closely connected with the existence of the universe. The latter began to exist much time ago. However, nothing can appear from nothing. Someone created the universe. Moreover, nobody except God is able to do that. Only He can create such huge and serious things as the universe as he has neither end nor beginning and it is not difficult for him

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